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How Do I Upload Medical Images?

PiX accepts images from a MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Echo, PET, Mammogram, Tomosynthesis, DEXA Scan, and more. At this time, PiX cannot upload Endoscopies or Arthroscopies.

The following files are accepted formats: .JPG, .PNG, .PDF, .MOV, .MP4, .MP3, .GIF, .BMP.

We suggest using a Google Chrome browser for all PiX usage.

Option 1:
  1. Upload the CD, thumb drive, or electronic file you received from your Imaging Center or Physician onto your computer. You can then drag and drop this uploaded file or folder containing your images into the box with perforated edges.

Option 2:
  1. Click the Upload new medical record button.

  2. From the pop-up window, click Select files to select a single image file. Click Scan folders and disks to select an entire folder or disk. So, you can either select a single file. Or, you can select an entire folder or disk.

Once the upload is complete, your images can be found on your home page. At this point your images are ready to be shared with a Physician of your choosing.

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